A Moment TalkiNg Tech

A Moment talking Tech video channel on YouTube. We started this series about 3 years ago and made a few videos.  Please feel free to watch our videos and offer suggestions for new content. I really would love to do another video soon.

What's your password?

We discuss creating strong passwords that are easy to remember. This was our first video and it was fun to create. You can see mistakes and fun edits in the video as you watch. The content is worth the time it takes to watch the entire video.



In this episode we talk about antivirus and all the options available to a user. This video is the second video that we shot and was extremely fun to do.

How to Find the Right Computer For You

Looking for a computer that fit your needs and everything you need it to do can be daunting. Here are few tips and tricks to find the right 

Safe Internet

Staying safe online can be a full-time battle. We talk about phishing schemes and simple ways to keep you safe online. This video is fun, informative and has content that will remain pertinent through out time

Social Engineering

In this video we talk about ways a person can access your computer using a trick know as social engineering. Although it touches the subject in a short video, a lot of information is shared. Have a look and feel free to let us know what you would like to see in the future.

Tell us what you would like to cover in one of our videos