Full-featured phone systems

Business phone systems are getting less expensive and the features are becoming more advanced. We work with VoIP cloud-based providers to build the phone network alongside or on top of your existing network. We take care of the wiring, network configurations and provide training.

Not looking for a cloud solution? We can offer a state-of-the-art PBX system capable of operating 8 phones with all the features of the more expensive systems. Call waiting, call forwarding, transfer, parking, conference calls and even integrate with your computer for automation and scheduling. These systems will work with a standard phone line or VoIP services. Tell us about your current system and what could help your business grow and we will provide a solution that will scale with you.

Our VoIP solution

The leading, cost effective phone system being offered today is the 3CX package. Secure, robust and packed with features. With 3CX, deployment of your PBX is straightforward and flexible. You can choose to run 3CX in the cloud (in your cloud account) or on-premise and keep complete control of your data.

Security & Backup

When it comes to VoIP security, 3CX sets the standard. 3CX’s inbuilt security has been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.

  • Increased secure web server configuration
  • Automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP Attack tools
  • Global IP Blacklist automatically updated for participating PBXs
  • Traffic to 3CX apps is encrypted via the 3CX Tunnel
  • Voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP
  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certs
  • Revolutionary VoIP Security with A+ rating from SSL lab
  • Automatic Failover for instant backup
  • Encryption between browser and the website ensured via HTTPS
  • Limit access to 3CX management console based on IP

Analog with optional VoIP

  • Ergonomic IP desktop phones with full-featured call handling keys, 5 call handling modes for personalized routing and 7 octaves of superior sound quality
  • IP telephony features include voicemail, auto attendant, workgroup features, music on hold, and more
  • Remain connected from most locations with a smartphone client that includes video collaboration capabilities and mobile handsets that help employees take care of business as if they were sitting at their desk

Creating a ‘smart’ workforce is essential to your competitiveness as well as attracting and keeping talent in your organization. In a recent global survey, ‘work flexibility’ was rated as the top employee benefit.

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