Educate your team

Looking to train your office on specific applications, best internet practice or security? We have videos and live training to help your team succeed! We offer a few standard training classes onsite as well as customized classes to satisfy almost all aspects of your team’s daily process. Some of our standard classes include:

• Office applications
We can bring your team up to speed with Microsoft products. Word, Excel, how to use formulas in Excel, Outlook or email clients and so much more. An educated team is an efficient team.

• Staying safe online
This could be the best class you ever offered your team. Understanding fake websites, the dangers of installing software that isn’t approved, how to spot fake websites and so much more. We bring the common sense to the digital world.

• Best practices for passwords
Let’s face it, passwords are hard to remember, should be changed frequently and they hold the key to gaining access to your data. Educating your team to use secure passwords could keep your company safe from data breach.

• Recognizing threats in email
No, you did not win the lottery, the prince didn’t die leaving you millions of dollars and the hacker doesn’t have your password. These are all scams in to trying to separate your company from its money. Learn about all of these scams and how to recognize phishing attempts. This is a MUST HAVE course. Any one of your team members falls for this and your business could suffer.

• Backing up important data
We step through the basics of data backup, how important it is and the methods that can be used to perform the task. This class is available on video

Ask us how we can help generate a class based on you needs

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