Check Your Email Security!

Let us go through a real-world example that has been plaguing our business, hospitals and even government networks.
A user starts their day by catching up on the overnight emails and opens an attachment that has the subject of “Your invoice is attached”
Within seconds the computer shows a rad screen and asks for payment in bitcoin. One by one, each computer on that network starts to display this message.

Your company was just under attack by a ransomware virus and all of your files are encrypted and unusable!

We can’t stop the user from opening that email but we certainly can help mitigate the damage’ We can get your company back up quickly through our new ProServ Backup process available through our ProServ|360 program. Another thing we can do is to check your company’s email domain for vulnerabilities on the web. This is a free service that we provide. Simply ask use to check your domain by completing this form


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