Antivirus Solutions

Our Proserv|360 package offers a built-in antivirus tool that we can offer to our customers outside of the package.
Talk with us about the solution that is best for your environment.

Cloud Backups

ProServ Software can help maintain your data using a simple backup method to back-up your network. These backups can be centralized, hosted or even on premise.

Our Proserv|360 (Professional) tool offers the ability to image your workstation or server so that the system can be recovered to the exact point in time of where it failed. Monthly images, daily backups or even a combination of local and offsite storage could be the difference between recovering your data and return to running your business faster.

Monthly plans are available to help protect your data, ask us how we can help

Onsite training

Looking to train your office on specific applications, best internet practice or security? We have videos and live training to help your team succeed! We offer a few standard training classes onsite as well as customized classes to satisfy almost all aspects of your team’s daily process. Some of our standard classes include:

• Salesforce training
• ERM training
• Office applications
• Staying safe online
• Best practices for passwords
• Recognizing threats in email
• Backing up important data
• Updating your computer

Ask us how we can help generate a classed based on your needs

Customized Support Videos

Looking to put self-help videos on your network?
We have the resources to create videos to help train your team on specific applications, tasks or procedures that you use in your normal business environment.

Would your company benefit from videos pertaining to:

We can take your idea and turn it into a training video within a few days.

Managed Security

Our Proserv|360 package will help manage your entire company through monitoring problems before they happen, but if a subscription based tool is not something that you need then allow us to provide your company with a few cloud-based tools that allow us to help keep your computers safe.

Using our Proserve|360 platform, we can completely manage the security on your computer, network and monitor your computer’s health. This is our best solution in providing the very best managed security options available.

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